When men growl

When men growl
Tastes differ. I was reading the latest installment in the FBI series by Catherine Coulter while my husband was polishing his presentation, and our almost adult daughter was reading a romance novel as is her wont. By the way my iPad sometimes drives me crazy by substituting one word for another, so I start wondering if my spelling is at fault. It kept trying to turn “wont” into “won’t” or “want”, so I went to my favorite site, The Free Dictionary, and checked. Yep, “wont” is still listed there in the meaning of habit, custom et cetera. Anyway, here I was, right where the stunningly drop-dead gorgeous heroine yells, “FBI! Stop or I will shoot!” And Dad muttered some highly scientific gibberish to himself. Into this peaceful domestic scene our daughter inquired dubiously, “Dad, do men growl?” Eh, what? She quoted from her book: “He came into the kitchen, saw her lovely face and growled with his need”. Dad became quite animated. ” Sure, he comes into the kitchen, and he wants to eat, so he growls! Men need to eat at least three times a day! If they are not fed, well, you know, they growl!” I automatically produced that classic from Agatha Christie: “Gentlemen, Miss Marple said,.pronouncing the word as if it were a definition of an alien species, require three solid meals a day”. Dad supported this enthusiastically, elaborating for the kid’s benefit on the importance of breakfast as the MUST-HAVE meal of the day, lunch as a good follow-up, and dinner as the crowning achievement. By the end of this eulogy we girls were reduced to helpless laughter. It ended predictably, as all the discussions involving food do, with the man checking the time and declaring it was time for lunch.
We went to the best place in Lloret de Mar, Spain. It’s called Cafe Milano’s, located right there on the Promenade, a minute’s walk away from the beach and a couple steps away from the town hall. They have an extensive menu clearly printed in several languages, with accompanying photos and prices. If you don’t speak any of the languages used you can simply point at the picture or the dish number. The service is very fast, the waiters are friendly, the cook is superb, and the owner Miguel takes time to greet every visitor. One of the advantages of eating out is of course the opportunity to order different dishes according to one’s fancy. During a short vacation one doesn’t want to spend any time on thinking about cooking, washing up, planning a meal. I got a wonderful lasagna al forno, sizzling hot straight from the oven, and a non-alcoholic drink called appropriately “No problems”. Other family members ordered escalopes better known as fillet or tenderloin. Everybody felt happy and the man’s stomach stopped rumbling.


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