A young woman told me naively, “When I look at you, I wish I could have the same things happen to me, you know, meet somebody, get married, have children and live happily ever after, just a long happy life!” I said nothing back because one doesn’t share everything, but her words uttered in simple ignorance brought back my long and happy life. The first love, the betrayal, the tragedy, the night when I was almost killed… I never thought that life would go on, for me, let alone that I would meet someone, that I would find Love and Trust again. And yet it happened. Now looking back on decades of happiness, of togetherness the likes of which I never knew existed, I can see clearly how I grew into who and what I am, why I believe in Love. It puzzles me no end when I read and hear discussions and explanations of the “rut”, of how people get too used to each other after three or four years, of how they fall out of love, of how the romance disappears. That great amazing positive feeling has no end; there is an inexhaustible supply of it inside us. We cannot run out of warm emotions if we nurture them throughout our daily existence. Flowers on the family birthdays, on our wedding anniversary and on any important event are such a staple of our life that kids habitually expect me to send them a new photo several times a year. Any walk can be called romantic if you feel like romance. Holding hands while going to a hardware store? Why not. Meeting each other after work, feeling my heart soar when I see the familiar figure in the distance, rapidly walking towards me. Those traditional congratulatory formulas, “May you live together many more decades”, sound totally natural to me. Whatever my natural life span is going to be, I prefer to spend it all together with my one and only true Love.


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