It’s a year since I started this blog, at the suggestion of my children. Sometimes I have Gems of Wisdom to share rather often, other times not so much. Usually I stay optimistic because I believe in some eternal values like Love, Kindness, Understanding, Compassion, and Tolerance. Yet when I surf the web and scan the news I often feel despair albeit for a brief moment. How are all my friends in London after the new senseless, barbaric, horrible terrorist attack? How can people go on when their loved ones are killed and injured? There is this feeling admirably expressed by the English poet John Donne: “No man is an island… For whom the bell tolls? It tolls for thee…” He wrote at the end of the sixteenth or the beginning of the seventeenth century, more than four hundred years ago. His poem has been quoted innumerable times. Each time there is an act of violence it affects lots of people. With the development of the internet, when the news becomes known almost before anything happens, the whole wide world may see and replay any happening ad infinitum. The immediacy, the ease with which everything and anything can be shared creates a special unique climate, an atmosphere of belonging, of being one with the planet. We rejoice with total strangers at their good fortune, and mourn together lives lost. It seems incomprehensible that people still kill those who have a different faith, who have a different skin color, different values. Does any mother who gives birth in pain hope that her son will grow up and become a criminal, a terrorist who kills innocents?..

And yet I have hope. Humanity goes on. New children are born every second. Most of them will become normal human beings who will continue what we are doing now. They will take care of the Earth, explore the outer space and the oceans. Life goes on.


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