When we arrived after a very long flight, frankly I neither saw anything nor reacted to the surroundings. All I wanted was to get to our hotel room, take a shower and switch off. Ah, but men are not women. “Look!” my husband pointed excitedly. I tried to focus; sure enough, there were unusual decorations up above. But as our Skyline train arrived I didn’t pay much attention to them. When we used the Skyline again next morning, he turned around but couldn’t find them. I said that perhaps they were on the other side, only seen when one went from Arrivals to the exit. We proceeded to Departures, took our flight, spent a week in another country, and came back. Once we emerged with our luggage and went to the train again, my husband asked if I had my camera ready. Why? The decorations! He remembered. I dutifully took out the camera, we took the escalator, and sure enough, there they were. One is very clearly a huge crocodile or maybe something more sinister; the other I think is called a pterodactyl; yet another one, a pre-historic creature, not sure of its correct name. They look very impressive hovering above the never-ending throng of passengers. I dutifully snapped some photos, and now we have this wonderful memento of our passage through Frankfurt International airport.


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