Our friend John’s wife and kids went away for a couple weeks, so last Friday my husband asked if he could bring John in for lunch. I checked that I had enough for two very hungry men, and we had a nice time, with the men talking science non-stop and eating up everything I prepared. I wrapped up a good slice of cake for John to-go, and he thanked me profusely, repeating several times that my walnut cake was absolutely the best. Hint taken! Next Thursday evening, my husband asked if we could have John for Friday lunch again. Sure. I wanted to cook that salmon in foil, and the whole 45 cm long fish was just too big for two. I figured it would be OK for three, considering that two of them would be very hungry men. So I carefully thought out a menu and calculated the amounts. For some reason which science has yet to discover men and potatoes always go well together. Potato salad it is, then, twice the usual amount naturally. Some freshly baked bread, a marble cake with a sprinkling of walnuts, and the whole salmon as the centerpiece. I put on potatoes, carrots and eggs to boil in the morning to have enough cooling time. The love of my life gradually emerged for breakfast waking up in the process. He glanced outside, at the grey sky and the beginnings of a rain, and chuckled. “Imagine, John and Peter asked for a day-off today to go fishing for the weekend, they wanted to leave at 6 A.M., and just look at the weather!” He went to work smiling good-naturedly, and I was left staring at the salmon. Stop staring woman, do something NOW! I mean, straight away before the reaction sets in. OK, the salad will be fine for two days, slice and dice, store half of it in the fridge. Bread will keep too. I haven’t started on the cake yet, so all I have to do now is simply use half the ingredients. Now cut the fish in two, clean out the insides, wrap the top part and stick it into freezer. Wash and clean the bottom part, salt, wrap in foil, cook. If these simple measures do not help you cool off, there’s always the toilet bowl to scrub. And of course you can go shopping. You don’t need anything? This cannot be true, a woman always needs something! Get some new kitchen sponges, or a good cleaning gel, or even go window-shopping. Before going out look at the photos of your beloved. Ah, blessed be.


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