Romantic Walks

Romantic Sporks.
Sporks was the label used in our kids primary school for the box which contained knifes, spoons and forks. We all thought it was very clever, and the designation stuck. In our own hectic family life we adults used one adjective to intrigue our kids a little, and to add a dash of romance to daily activities. We would invariably tell them that Mom and Dad needed to take a romantic walk. Yep, be it a weekly trip to stock up on foods or household items, we would stick to the romantic characteristic. It actually helped create a warm atmosphere, and to preserve that indefinable feeling of wonder and awe, discovery and anticipation, love and care. When I read, hear or watch yet another episode in which the heroes talk of losing romance after two or three years, I often wonder: do you remember who and why you married? I mean, Love is for life, it never ends, there is an infinite reserve, supply, stock where it came from in the first place. But then I know that there are lots of things which I cannot understand. I mean, I know in my head that people constantly fight, both as individuals and as countries. I know that there are criminals and terrorists. The news tell me horrific stories daily. Why do people do it all? Each of us gets only one life to live, and absolutely everybody dies at the end of it. Why kill and fight? No woman who gives birth in pain wishes her child to grow up and become a killer or to be killed.
Not being a pessimist but rather a realist, I have long since come to the conclusion best expressed by the French writer and philosopher Voltaire centuries ago: tend your own little garden. Take care of your family and friends, help out when you can, and do not forget about yourself. You are a human being, it is your life, live it. So we walk romantically wherever we are enjoying the temporary peace and quiet. I think that today there are no more places on this planet Earth where one can be sure that tomorrow will not bring a sudden change, often for the worse.
Thanks to one of our kids we have a purpose to our wanderings in this lovely town which we visited for a week. “Mom, if you see any original meat forks, can you buy me some?” And by forks you mean, I want to clarify. She sends me a link. I dutifully check, yep. This time it’s really forks, not giant prongs or any other weird objects loosely characterized as “Sporks”. We dutifully look for meat forks which seem original, though heaven knows what they may be. “Look, here’s a shop window with Sporks, let’s check!” My husband points excitedly, I look at the display and tell him, “Honey, it’s Tiffany”. He is without a clue: “I can read, that’s what the sign says! Why not go in?” Duh. I point across the street at the sign which says “Cartier”. He shakes his head: “See, it says Schmuck, and I know Schmuck is German for jewelry!” Aha, so Sporks aren’t jewelry.
Looking for Sporks, or forks, or in fact anything that your kids fancy is fun and quite romantic. If you have an opportunity to do it in a beautiful place, go for it. You’ll enjoy strolling around, having some purpose, looking at all the magnificent buildings and taking pictures. By the way, a Tiffany shop window is not a bad sight either.


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