I’ve had a very vivid, very romantic dream. Most dreams dissipate with the coming of dawn, but this one persevered as occasionally happens. I woke up, tried to go back to sleep, and was plunged into the same chain of events again. They were all quite pleasant, but the trouble was they would simply repeat themselves. After a third try, when I again saw my husband running to me with an armful of roses and woke up groggily, I got up quietly so as not to disturb him. If the memory of a dream does not disappear in the mists of what turned out to be pre-dawn, it is even possible to reconstruct the catalysts, the various events, conversations and meetings of the previous day or days which coalesced into that sleepy sequence. For instance I see the roses he gave me a few days ago nicely opening and blooming in the vase. We skyped with our kids and naturally discussed all the family news before going to bed. I habitually read another chapter of the current novel sitting on my bedside chest while my husband clicked on his computer. All well and good, but why the persistent dream? Who knows. When I think of the huge advances in science and research, I often marvel at how little is still known about the human beings. What makes us tick, what makes some people very good and some people very bad, why do people kill each other, why there are amazing acts of kindness and horrifying instances of brutality daily, and generally how Life originates. Who or what in the limitless Universe decides that this person is to be born? If only every human ever born were kind and intelligent and tolerant! No, I do not try to untangle every skein, to follow every strand, to understand what caused my complicated pleasant dream. It happens but rarely that while asleep we still realize that this is only a dream, and can wake up from a nightmare. In the same way it is possible to make oneself float back into consciousness once you feel that the cycle repeats itself and you do not want it to continue. The best remedy, after a nice cup of coffee while the world around you is still in the embrace of Morpheus, is action. If you like to write, do it before you check your email and the news. Your relatives and friends are still asleep, so you have plenty of time to reply later. The news are mostly bad, so you don’t want to be upset or distracted. Give yourself a couple hours of peace and quiet. They may be the only two hours, at most, when you can relax and enjoy life. Above all do not fret. So you a an insomniac, so what? True, science tells us that people should sleep 7-8 hours a night. But some of us never do. I know that if I manage to get six hours of sleep at a stretch I feel fine during the following day. If I get much less, like four hours, I may feel out of sorts. But I cannot change it, being a conscientious objector to medications. Maybe less sleep than the “norm” is my own specific trait. The important thing is there is always plenty to do at any time. With the possibilities and opportunities the internet gives us, we can stay in touch with the world, do our own research, collect the necessary data and produce some decent writing or make notes for a future article. What is more important, we can do it fast and quietly, never disturbing our household. Once we venture out into the virtual world we encounter many others who are like us, insomniacs, brainiacs, humans.



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