The Internet Is Real.

The Internet Is Real.
There used to be an old joke, and it went like this. Have a picture of yourself taken; if it comes out OK it means you exist. Today of course with the abundance of new technology there are lots of ways to prove that we are real. Anybody who can read and write does so; anybody who can click can venture out into the wide virtual world. The reasons are many and various but the over-riding impulse is the same: people need communication. How do we communicate? One of my kids explained it to me some years ago. Like finds like she told me, that’s how you find partners for your projects. The internet allows us to ignore such mundane things as borders, time zones, racial and cultural differences. All we need is the ability to use the technology and some common language. Actually it is possible to have a sensible conversation today using emoticons only. Wasn’t the person who invented them a genius? A few clicks tell me what I already learned but couldn’t quite recollect, that it was Shigetaka Kurita from Japan who first suggested emojis in 1998. For this we are all eternally grateful.
I have been writing professionally since times immemorial; when asked I give the year 1714 as my starting point because it sounds good 🙂 My own children urged me to start a blog so that they and their friends could get my Mother’s Gems of Wisdom, commonly known as MGWs, all at once. Isn’t it lovely? I write when the mood takes me. Being an insomniac I do my best writing when everybody else on the planet is asleep. The kids read them whenever they have the time and inclination. Sometimes I write sort of answers to questions, because I am supposed to know all the answers. Other times I try to formulate what worries me or takes my fancy or gives me joy which I wish to share. When God created stupidity He created enough. Wisdom is often scarce and thus we need to share. Maybe I accumulated enough and to spare. Not that I consider myself particularly wise, but I do have various experiences which help me cope with life.
My brush with Nature magazine inspired me to create a new blog, though I suspect I would not have embarked on it if my family did not encourage me. I am not a scientist so getting published in a prestigious journal has never been my aim. Aha, and now comes the most important observation. What we put into the internet is there forever. It is immediately available for everyone to see. There are no boundaries, no sectors. So as anybody else who likes to type and click I receive feedback. Each time there is a new comment I feel astonishment, a feeling of wonder and awe descends on me. Wow, somebody read what I wrote! I check all the comments and always visit the person’s sites. People are the most fascinating subject. Sometimes I read a blog post and marvel at how close the other person’s views are to mine, at other times I feel surprised that my post attracted their attention. Only fools have no doubts and rush in where angels fear to tread. Many of us feel unsure, we ask ourselves if what we are saying has any sense. But we are saying it, right? So it has a lot of sense for us, and hopefully we can express our ideas In a way which other humans can understand.



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