New Beginnings.

New Beginnings.
I saw my future grandchild’s sonogram yesterday and it produced a huge impression on me. This is real! We are going to be grandparents! Naturally I thought back to my own experiences. For some reason nothing like that was done when I expected my first child, so I only met her when she was actually born. I saw the other one at a very early stage, and that mostly because the doctor was trying to persuade me that I had “some strange little formation inside” while I was sure it was a baby. And the last time a sonogram was done mid-term and then directly pre-birth only. Our generation never got any pictures to save for the family and to share, nor did our men come with us on every doctor’s visit. Now things are done differently, so we get to meet the future little human well in advance of their emergence into the world.
I can’t help thinking what a world it is today. The recent events make me check the news daily as a matter of course, with the special attention to the places my children live in. Whenever anything bad happens I feel for the victims and their families. It is their lives that are forever disrupted and interrupted. No, I don’t think the police who check everybody’s IDs are using ” racial profiling”. I appreciate the fact that they care about our safety. A criminal is a criminal regardless of the race, sex and age. I see nothing strange and never get offended when asked extra questions at an airport security check for instance.
Ah, how I wish that the world were a better and safer place for our children to grow up in! Carrying a baby to term, with one’s body changing, with all the extra weight gained during those nine months is no picnic. The delivery itself is nothing like the traditional Hollywood depiction of labor, with their ” Breathe! Breathe!” In a few seconds the baby is here. The reality is much tougher. I believe no mother wants her child to suffer; all of us want them to live productive lives. I also know that humanity never stopped, it goes forward through the centuries. Natural catastrophes, wars and upheavals, short stretches of peaceful co-existence all seem to be part and parcel of our joint history. Yet babies are born every second, in comfortable conditions, in good clinics, at home, on an airplane or train or highway or forest… Such is the power of Life, the real Force which is always with us.image


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