It’s 2017!

It’s 2017!
The New Year is upon us! It gradually became quieter outside. The occasional fireworks going off with a flash & bang, the faraway shout or exclamation, the nearby chimes all seem to recede slowly into distance and then into silence as the morning approaches. Even the church bell seems to chime very softly. This one night a year is when I can’t resist sleep. No matter what I try I seldom manage to stay awake till midnight. It really must be my special cycle, the new birthday approaching hand in hand with the new year. Sometimes my family lets me be, other times like this occasion they shake me awake good-naturedly. Mom, you have to greet this coming year, it’s the Year of the Golden Hen, the eternal feminine! And listen, somebody is calling again! But of course, we have to skype with Grandpa and wish him all the best. We need to admire our one-year-old godson. For some reason he becomes ecstatic when he sees me on screen, he laughs and claps his little hands, gurgles and waves. This time he opened his mouth and showed me his tiny teeth. Friends and relatives materialize, occasionally bumping into each other in virtual space. When possible we can make a conference call and listen to several younger relations simultaneously. NOT when it’s Grandpa because though he uses technology with a surety amazing at his age he doesn’t get the idea of connecting with several people at once. Nor can he read IMs. If he calls he calls and we have to click Answer, period. Guys, switch off, I have to answer Grandpa’s call! “Your hair isn’t grey, you’ll have to wait till you are 85!” He tells me that gleefully after congratulations, peering at me from behind his spectacles. As if I wish for it to happen now 🙂 It’s Ok not to have grey hair at any age I believe.
The best thing about the holidays of course is this connection, the meaningless chats, the spontaneous bursts of laughter from the young folks, the kind words and musings from the seniors. Ah, if only the world could ever learn to be a family traveling through space and time on this spaceship Earth! As any mother, I get up earlier than the whole household, tiptoe to the kitchen, make me a cup of coffee, rummage around noiselessly to find a bite to eat. Did they finish off everything during the night?! No, here’s some bum and here’s some spread. Sipping that heavenly morning brew when nobody is up and about, I catch myself thinking about the most mundane and go so precious things. When they wake up what would they like for breakfast, the first meal of the New Year? Pancakes, rolls, fried eggs, ham and cheese, yogurts? Whatever they wish I can make. But for those few quiet moments, I can simply enjoy Life as it is. I look at the New Year’s celebrations around the globe, watch the ball fall at Times Square, get a positive charge from all the happy faces of all races caught on camera, listen to the multitude of languages, and feel happy. Peace, even for a few moments.



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