Technology Is Wonderful!

Technology Is Wonderful!
How did we manage without cell phones, iPads, computers, the internet and so on and so forth just a few years ago? It seems natural to be able to find any information, any data on the web. Before going anywhere we can consult a reference site like Wikipedia and Google, look at the virtual maps, build our routes, have a virtual tour, get street views, check transport schedules, all prior to actually leaving the room. Whatever comes to mind, whatever catches my fancy is right here. All I need to do is type a few words, like “knitting supplies” into Google search, and I get a list of shops nearby even before I finish typing in my request. We can look up the opening hours, the holiday schedules, the floor plans, the prices, the menus… The weather forecast of course is a must. Will it rain, do we need an umbrella? Is it very windy, do we wrap a warm scarf around the neck?
Eating out is no problem, we can study the cafés and restaurants, the menus and prices and choose. Alternately we can shop around for foods and have dinner inside after a long day of sightseeing or shopping. One of the pleasures of checking everything online first is going out and seeing a famous place as it really is. The pictures are fine but they do not give you an actual tangible feel of a landmark. So you take,your own pictures from a different angle, zoom in or out, and probably get the same views that are already posted a zillion times on the web. Ah, but those are your own takes! They constitute your own unique memories, and naturally it may happen that your camera will catch something unique, what nobody else saw.
Staying connected is probably one of the greatest perks of having some device on you at all times. If you are not inclined to minute-by-minute communication, you can simply go into invisible mode, and choose the time and place when you do wish to place those skype calls and have lengthy sessions with your nearest and dearest. Telling your child about your day, sharing some wonders with your parents is an added delight to any trip. And the pictures! We snap everything and anything that catches our fancy and immediately share on Instagram or on our blogs or even (gasp) use email to attach our photos, which is so yesterday! Like these lovely tulips which add a bright splash of color to our room.
We have all these miracles thanks to Science and Research. Without that eternal
spark, that curiosity and perseverance, that feeling of wonder and awe, that desire to know what lies beyond, what else can be done in a certain sphere where would we all be? Be thankful together and use all the information communication technology for the greater Good.image


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