Daydreaming is fine as long as you remember it is just that. Life experience shows that it is better for the body and soul to dream of good things and not over-concentrate on bad stuff. For instance it is perfectly ok to dream of such things as discovering a cure for cancer or instant teleportation . Remember your Star Trek stage? “Computer, take me to Alpha Centauri!” Et voila as the French say. It is perfectly normal to wish that you were the most beautiful or the most intelligent or the most everything person on the planet. If you are lucky, you will eventually meet that one someone for whom you are all those things; what is more, he may be all that for you! This is how Love works. As I have been blessed and cursed with the liveliest imagination, I tend to envision lots of events in my mind’s eye and play them out mentally. What if there were no more fools? Would everybody be smart, or would the smartest still consider others to be fools? That’s a very big philosophical question, so I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time on it. My little images crop up without any conscious volition on my part. I take a knife to cut meat into chunks, and my over-active imagination immediately conjures up all sorts of disasters, with all my fingers suffering cuts. A saucepan overflows, which truth be told never happens to me, and what if I get a bad burn?! I mull over an outfit for an important outing, try on several combinations. Then I choose whatever is appropriate, wash and curl my hair, spritz it with some hair spray, put on a nice dess and accessories, get my clutch, and then I see it in my mind’s eye: I enter, and everybody loses the power of speech. Yeah, like in a novel, I am blindingly stunningly breathtakingly beautiful. At least in my dreams. Sometimes. The one person I wish to impress is my better half. If the others notice how attractive I look I believe it’s good for them too. Btw when I come across such a passage in a book I always wonder. Does this really happen?
I used to dream about some really important things. What if there were no war, no terrorism, no crime? Life is so short! One would think that people would live it to the full show tolerance towards each other, accept the differences, be nice and kind… But this seems to be a utopia. What can we do then? Why, tend your own garden. No matter what happens, the land needs to be tilled, the people need to be fed, the children need to be taught. These are the really important values in life. If one thinks of what to put on the family dinner table every night, one probably would not rush around thinking up new ways of killing people who had never done anything bad.


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