“Socks is always good”, says Dobbie the elf in the Harry Potter series. I totally agree. Socks have more uses than one. They evoke the holiday spirit, they are a familiar accompaniment to Christmas season. And of course they are part of our daily life. Here comes one important aspect which is often overlooked. What comes to mind thanks to numerous TV shows and movies, to books and magazines whenever pregnancy is mentioned? One, the never-ending enormous appetite; two, the constant need to use the toilet. Well, Hollywood actresses who have children when they are over fort but try to look twenty, who are always hungry and thus grossly over-eat during pregnancy are partly responsible for the misconceptions. “I gained 40-60 pounds, and I lost them in three weeks!” Geez. Read any book, it will tell you that the normal weight gain during those nine months is up to 10 kilos or 20 lbs. The younger you are the faster you lose weight, though you may need several months to return back to your norm if you are nursing. All it takes to stay within the healthy limits is knowledge and will-power. We are not movie stars, we do not have personal trainers; nor do we experience the sort of pressure they constantly have to look “perfect” or “flawless”. Let’s pause a second and thank our lucky stars for that.

At a conference, a young expectant mother asked me as an experienced woman if there was any way to control the urge to use the toilet; she complained that she couldn’t get a good night’s sleep because of that. I looked at her and saw a familiar sight. Though it was late autumn, she was wearing a warm hoodie – and flip-flops. I asked if she walked barefoot at home too, then went shopping. In the very first little shop I bought a nice pair of warm socks, a gift bag, and presented them to her. Then I went on to explain this ancient wisdom: keep your feet warm and your head cool. For a woman, especially a pregnant one, it is a must. I suggested she try drnking less water before going to bed and wearing socks at night. Next morning, she found me with sparkling eyes, and reported on “mission success”. She finally had a good night’s sleep, without a single bathroom trip. Oh joy! How does this work? Well, imagine you spend a day at a conference, mostly sitting down, with air conditioning going strong. It means that even though you may not feel cold, a current of cool air may work at your feet. And the first thing you need to do during a break is rush to the nearest restroom. Yes, wear socks. When it becomes chilly outside, do not go out sans socks, and do not wear the short variety. Put on nice ankle length socks and then shoes or booties. You may use transparent skin-colored socks if you wish, they will do the trick. With leggings or jeggings, your feet will look fashionably bare yet they will be nicely covered against the chill.



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