At an airport, while waiting for the call to board, I was idly half-looking at a souvenir display nearby when I heard excited comments. I turned my head and saw a familiar sight. Several men of various ages including a father with a young boy perched on his shoulders made a concerted rush to the window and stared fixedly at a landing plane. “Daddy, look, it has wheels now!” the boy shouted excitedly. “Yeah, see that landing gear unfold? Awesome!” exclaimed a young man. Mature men smiled indulgently at them, their eyes following the plane’s progress along the tarmac. “Look, it’s coming right here!” one of them blurted out. Indeed, the plane taxied right next to the window and then to the sleeve. Weren’t they all lucky to be standing there at the right moment! When my husband came back from his observations he informed me that it was our plane, and that we were going on board once the arriving passengers disembarked. Isn’t it exciting! It sure is.

I took one last look at the jewelry display and went on to the plane.



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